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Self Defense Law Seminar

Self Defense Seminar by Brad Smith, a Graduate of the Law of Self-Defense Instructor Program.  Brad has studied and successfully completed advanced training under the renowned criminal defense attorney Andrew Branca.  Brad is one of a very select group of Self Defense Firearms Instructors to complete this rigorous training throughout the United States. Andrew is a Firearms Instructor, Attorney, Author, and Expert in use of force law.

The material covered in this class will greatly exceed information covered in any Ohio Concealed Carry class. If you carry a firearm to prevent becoming a victim of violent crime I strongly encourage you to take this training. Don’t rely on opinions of untrained instructors.

• Complete and detailed overview of Ohio Self Defense Law.

• Understanding and applying the Five Elements of Self-Defense: Avoidance, Innocence, Imminence, Proportionality, and Reasonableness.

• A thorough understanding of the criminal investigation steps from start to finish and when they really start.

• Learning key strategies to help protect against the most common legal vulnerabilities.

• Learning how to minimize your vulnerability to prosecution and civil suit in a Self Defense use of force.

• Understanding how a prosecutor will challenge your Self Defense claim.

• Understanding the high legal risks of defending other people.

• Understand what “Stand-Your-Ground,” the “Castle Doctrine,” and “Rebuttable Presumption” mean.

• Understanding the elements of Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy.

• Common Self Defense Myths.

COST: $100.00